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The Swiss Business Network Saudi Arabia (SBNSA) is an organization established by business people, at the initiative and with the support of the ambassador of Switzerland in Saudi Arabia.


Our Objectives are:


  • Increase the business and cultural visibility of Switzerland in Saudi Arabia.
  • Support its members in carrying out their business activities in Saudi Arabia.
  • Organize regular gatherings for the exchange of information between the members and between representatives of governmental and private Saudi organizations.
  • Support Swiss businesses interested in entering the Saudi market or expanding the business
    in Saudi Arabia.
  • Initiate and support the organization of, or the participation in, events that increase awareness and familiarity of the members with Saudi business, cultural and historical developments and places.
  • Keep all members informed about economic, political and cultural developments in Saudi Arabia
  • Help new entrants into Saudi Arabia gather market information and become familiar with relevant
    rules and regulations

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Swiss Business Network Saudi Arabia

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